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Why Bare Metal Server?

Being a business owner, it is imperative to host a website in the Internet to establish a brand presence. More so if you are operating a tech firm.

A fast growing website or a web application needs considerable resources. One that quickly outgrows a Shared Hosting platform. A VPS/Cloud may be cheap to begin with, but there are issues with restrictive environment, exorbitant cloud hosting bills and consultation costs as well as hidden costs.

This is where a Dedicated Server solution steps in.

What is a Bare Metal / Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is also known as Bare Metal Server. Simply a powerful computer that is dedicated to an individual or an organization. A Dedicated Server is generally built with enterprise-grade components (read: they seldom fail). It is deployed typically in a Data Center environment. A Bare Metal server maybe hosted and managed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

So how will this help my business?

The very obvious advantages of such a Bare Metal Server are:

Why Amsterdam Bare Metal Server?

Besides being densely populated and being an important trade centre in the world, to say that Amsterdam is well-connected is a gross underestimation. Amsterdam is the economic centre of the businesses where many companies, large and small, have an office or headquarters. Amsterdam is one of the largest fintech hubs with hundreds of active companies and boasts of the oldest stock exchange in the world.

Why host your Dedicated Server in Amsterdam?

Among the largest internet exchanges, plethora of connectivity providers and easy access to most locations in the world, Amsterdam is simply named “the digital gateway to Europe”. The Dutch have always remained as pioneers of digital infrastructure and networking connectivity.

It is a dynamic, fast-growing market for best connectivity to most of European countries as well as to the UK and the United States of America.

Why Unmanaged Bare Metal Server from HostCircle?

We at HostCircle provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee with our Dedicated Servers. Our top-tier datacenter and resilient network backbone support our offerings. This means your servers are online all the time, just as they should be.

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- HostCircle BV

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