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What is a Bare Metal Server?

A Dedicated Server is also known as Bare Metal Server. Simply a powerful computer that is dedicated to an individual or an organization. A Dedicated Server is generally built with enterprise-grade components (read: they seldom fail). It is deployed typically in a Data Center environment. A Bare Metal server maybe hosted and managed by a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

Managed Bare Metal Server:

A managed service provider can manage the server, involving the following tasks: Server Hardening, Server Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Service Discovery Alerts, Ongoing Security Audits, Firewall Setup, RAID Monitoring, Recovery Assistance, Faster Reactive Remediation during Failures, Migration Services (Limited to certain scenarios), some level of Software Support, Configuration Changes upon request. This is a costlier version, but you pass on the nitty-gritty work to MSP whereas your IT team can concentrate on application/software exclusively. You can save a lot of productivity otherwise spent in maintenance and monitoring.

A managed service provider also gives you free consulting for tasks such as hardware choice (saving you valuable money) and advanced alert in case they foresee a failure of a particular component (preventing downtime).

Unmanaged Bare Metal Server:

An Unmanaged Bare Metal Server is one where the provider is responsible only for the uptime and hardware maintenance. The entire Operating System and related software applications are to be managed by you, the customer. This is a highly cost-effective model. You just pay for network connectivity and hardware. Otherwise, with root access at your disposal, you have total control over all dimensions of your server resources.

The advantages of an Unmanaged Bare Metal Server are many:

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