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HostCircle Datacenter New York Secausus, NJ
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NYC01 - The Garden State

Located in New Jersey, within a hop from variety of businesses focussing on life science, media, financial aerospace, manufacturing and IT industry.

Our facility provides direct connectivity to 111 8th Street, NY4 Equinix facility. It is the hub of one of the most interconnected data centers in the East Coast of Continental America.

New Jersey boasts a highly-educated workforce with a buzzing technical startup ecosystem. With tax initiatives and special councils providing mentoring and incubation, the internet requirements for growing high-tech startups and SMEs are increasing. Financial networks such as SFTI, BATS and ARCA are just a single hop away.


  • 2 Story steel structure with concrete exterior
  • 24/7 On-premise staff
  • CCTV and Recorders throughout the building
  • PIN + Fingerprint authentication for entry
  • Motion Detection
Power and Equipment
HostCircle Datacenter New York


  • SOC 1 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • ISO 27001

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